31 March 2014

Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency presents: COMAN POON PERFORMANCE: E̶X̶P̶E̶R̶I̶M̶E̶N̶T̶I̶N̶G̶ ̶W̶I̶T̶H̶̶ HOW TO STOP MAKING ART

The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency in partnership with Videofag present:

 Coman Poon April 2, 3, 4  2014

Coman Poon is poised to take the lid off the box. Over a dozen banker boxes, actually.
In E̶X̶P̶E̶R̶I̶M̶E̶N̶T̶I̶N̶G̶ ̶W̶I̶T̶H̶̶ HOW TO STOP MAKING ART, Coman Poon invites the public to join him in a process of inquiry. Recently moved into his new, long-term housing, Coman found himself finally able to retrieve all his belongings from various storage spaces, and for the first time in seven years, bring all his worldly possessions home. Finally surrounded by the items he had held onto for so long, he realized he was surrounded by things to let go of. During the The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency, Coman worked with the architecture of the old Island Natural Science School, crawling deep under the floorboards (literally) of interstitial spaces he found at the site and within himself, via his theoretical research, performance rituals, studio time and critiques with visiting artists and curators. As an artist whose practice has included a sublime consideration of objects, costume, movement and gesture, Coman takes this opportunity for a 72-hour exhibition, hosted by Videofag, to ask himself to choose something he sought after and cherished, something hard to let go of and hard to give away, and release it. What are the stakes of engagement in the act of releasing? In deconstructing the container of our expectation of the gallery experience, Coman’s exhibition is not an exhibition but rather a proposition, with a title struck through. When transitioning from transient to located, or mobile to fixed, we hold on to our materials until we are ready to embrace the consequences of letting go.

E̶X̶P̶E̶R̶I̶M̶E̶N̶T̶I̶N̶G̶ ̶W̶I̶T̶H̶̶ HOW TO STOP MAKING ART is open to the public on April 3, (9am - 5pm) and April 4, (9am - 5pm)

April 2 / day 1 - closed to the public (10 - 5)
April 3 / day 2 - open to the public (9 - 5)
April 4 / day 3 - open to the public (9 - 5), finissage 3 - 5

Videofag 187 Augusta Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5T 2L4

The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency is an annual summer residency on the Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point, offering a juried cohort of LGBT artists free room, board and studio space in which to develop projects critically engaged with Queer political histories.

Videofag is a storefront cinema and performance space in Toronto’s Kensington Market dedicated to the creation and exhibition of video, film, new media, and live art. http://www.videofag.com/

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