15 April 2014

This summer sees the triumphant continuation of the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency. The residency will take place July 1 - 15, 2014, in partnership with Artscape Gibraltar Point, and with the support of the Ontario Arts Council. The Summer 2014 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency Application deadline is MAY 15, 2014, and results will be announced early June. Please forward this call to the artists, historians, curators and collectors in your network and anyone else who might be interested in this unique opportunity.
The aim of the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency is to help create a vision and experience of LGBTQ longevity through shared practice, art career management training, and community building via Canadian LGBT art and political histories. Artscape Gibraltar Point, a children’s school which was repurposed by Artscape as an artist residency and retreat centre, is partner with this project. Generous funding has been provided by the Ontario Arts Council and private donors. Room and board is provided to each of the residents, who will also receive mentoring and studio visits from critically acclaimed artists, arts professionals and curators.
Details about the Residency and the application form can be accessed through our website (http://www.queerartistresidency.ca/). This information can also be shared via the project’s facebook page, where you can ‘friend’ us: https://www.facebook.com/ILGBTArtistResidency

Our esteemed panel of Jurors for the 2014 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency:
  • Elisha Lim (artist)
  • Kelly McCray (curator)
  • Kathleen Pirrie Adams (curator, professor)

Our strategy this summer at the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency is to create something that is both more spacious and more intimate for everyone involved. We will have three (3) residents this summer, each will have their own studio. The residency occurs immediately following World Pride. This timing affected by the potential of the nurturing environment that the residency creates, will catalyse a critical framework, as well as empathy and gratitude, and the psychic space in which an artist can get a lot of work done.

Similar to last summer's approach, artists, curators and arts professionals are invited to visit the residency for lunch, to do studio visits with the residents, give a public presentation if they wish, and spend time in the community the residency creates. During the inaugural residency in 2013, studio visits were conducted by Nina Arsenault, Micha Cardenas, Del la Grace Volcano, Elisha Lim, David McIntosh, Wanda Nanibush, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Tobias Sirtl, Jordan Tanahill, Marcus Syrus Ware. For the 2014 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency confirmed guests include: 

Studio visits:
  • Deanna Bowen (artist)
  • Jon Davies (curator)
  • and others to be confirmed upon confirmation of the artists of the 2014 cohort, and their specific interests and needs.

Professional development workshops, specifically tailored to the unique needs and concerns of LGBTQ and gender non-conforming artists:
  • Kristian Clarke from CARFAC will do a workshop with the residents.
  • Kadija De Paula, who has facilitated residencies throughout Brazil and across the Americas, will also do a variation of her workshop about artist residencies

The residency concludes with an open house event, on July 14, for both sponsors and public to attend and meet the artists/see their work/performances, etc. 

The Summer 2014 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency Application deadline is MAY 15, 2014, and results will be announced early June. The application can be found at:

Please feel free to send in any questions about the application process. We look forward to seeing you on the island!

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